Support services

Needs Assessment Service

Each year we respond to some 800 support referrals and 1,500 applications from vulnerable and/or disabled people. That’s where our Support Coordinator comes in. They conduct a full health and mobility needs assessment and, based on their findings, provide the appropriate housing advice. Because we work with a range of partner agencies across the city, we aim to ensure that all requirements are met.

So if you live in a Gentoo property and feel you could benefit from this service, contact your Neighbourhood Coordinator. They will refer you to our Support Coordinator who will contact you to arrange an assessment.

Partners’ Support Accommodation

Wherever we can, we aim to support vulnerable people and enable them to live independently. We do this by working in partnership with a range of supported housing providers.

We currently have eight support providers who have over 200 places appropriate for a range of vulnerable customers, including people with learning disabilities, with mental health problems, offenders and individuals with drug and alcohol problems. These support providers are:

  • NECA (North East Council on Addictions)
  • Norcare
  • Mental Health Matters
  • Bernicia
  • Wearside Women in Need
  • Sunderland City Council – care and support (including Mental Health and Learning Disability Service)
  • Sunderland City Council – services for Young People

We also have a range of management options at our disposal. These include:

Managing Agents
These being partner organisations that manage properties on behalf of Gentoo and provide the support necessary for the customer to manage their own lives.

Small Group Homes
These being housing for people with learning disabilities which has 24-hour staff helping the residents to live independently.

Outreach properties
These being single-occupancy properties that receive outreach support. They have been ring-fenced for people with learning disabilities and access to these services and properties can only be gained through the relevant agency.