Neighbourhood safety team

Neighbourhood Safety Team

At Gentoo, we are committed to reducing anti-social behaviour (ASB) and tackling domestic abuse so that all our customers can feel safe in their communities. To help us with this our Neighbourhood Safety Team works in partnership with various agencies across Sunderland to prevent and minimise anti-social behaviour and how it’s perceived.

We believe that in order to do this successfully we have to strike the right balance between prevention and dealing with incidents as quickly as possible, offering support for victims and taking action against those responsible.

We want to work with you to reduce anti-social behaviour and tackle domestic abuse to provide a service of which we can be proud, and in which you can have absolute confidence. To help make sure this is happening, we measure just how successful our action has been and take step to find out how safe you feel as a result.

Question and Answers

Of course we will. All complaints are treated confidentially in line with Data Protection laws and dealt with as a priority.

In most cases you just have to tell us what has happened. We can then set about collecting proof about your complaint. Sometimes we can provide an out-of-hours service, which may include patrols by members of our Neighbourhood Safety Team.

We’ve made it our mission to deal with anti-social behaviour (ASB) and have an excellent record. It is important to remember that in most cases we sort the problem out without having to take legal action. However, if there is no improvement in the situation we aren’t afraid to do what’s necessary. There is always legal action that we or other organisations can take.

If you are a victim of serious anti-social behaviour (ASB), our Support Coordinators will be able to offer all the advice and support you need. They can also work with other organisations, such as the police, on your behalf. 

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