Hate crime and racist incidents

Hate Crime and Racist Incidents

As far as we’re concerned, hate crime is utterly unacceptable and we take all reported incidents very seriously indeed. Although it is classed as a type of harassment, it is in fact a criminal offence whether committed against a person or their property. It can make life intolerable for the individuals concerned and may be motivated by any number of reasons. These include:

  • ethnic background
  • nationality
  • religion                                               
  • age
  • class                                       
  • political affiliation
  • sex                                                      
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • gender reassignment.

Hate crime is much more serious than just causing offence to an individual. In the majority of cases the victim feels frightened for their own safety, humiliated or ridiculed, and as a result loses their self-confidence. It can also cause a financial burden due to damage caused to belongings and property.

It is always our aim to make our homes and communities places where everybody is happy to live, whoever they are. We value each person as an individual, regardless of their ethnic background and treat everyone equally. We know the impact that hate crime can have on peoples’ lives and therefore have a zero-tolerance approach to this type of behaviour. It violates the conditions of our Tenancy Agreement and we will deal with any form of hate crime and racial incident under the most serious category in our Neighbourhood Safety Procedures.

Questions and Answers

Please don’t be afraid to contact us immediately and make us aware of the incident. Your complaint really will be treated as a priority, handled with the utmost confidence and in line with the Data Protection Laws.

We will be guided by what you want us to do and will only take action against the person who is harassing if you’re happy for us to do so. Depending on what you want to happen, we can interview or write to the person involved and insist they stop. We will also work with other organisations and with your consent may take legal action against the person.

Our dedicated Victim Support Officers can give you lots of advice and support. They can also work with other organisations, such as the police, on your behalf.


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