Supporting domestic abuse perpetrators

Supporting domestic abuse perpetrators to change their behaviour

Gentoo does not tolerate domestic abuse and we are committed to supporting anyone experiencing domestic abuse. 

We hold those who perpetrate domestic abuse accountable by enforcement and we also provide support to those who wish to address their behaviour.  The BIG project is a multi-agency partnership that has been launched to support perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Gentoo has teamed up with North East Charities Barnardo’s, Impact Family Services and Wearside Women In Need to support perpetrators of domestic abuse who are committed to addressing their behaviour. The primary aim in working with male perpetrators of domestic abuse is to increase the safety of women and children.

The BIG project runs a 26 week programme and men wishing to go on the programme must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years or over
  • Agree voluntarily to attend the programme
  • Recognise that their behaviour has been abusive towards their current or ex- partner.

Men will start with a one-to-one assessment, which will assess their suitability and motivation, as well as start the process of engagement and trust, disclosure and examination of abusive behaviours which are essential before effective work begins.  As well as attending 4 motivational sessions they will undertake seven core modules.

Partners and ex partners will also be given support by Wearside Women In Need.   

If you would like further information or to take part in the programme contact0191 525 5000 or email