Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance

Domestic Abuse

The aim of the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) is to improve the housing sector’s response to domestic abuse through an accreditation process.

DAHA is a partnership between Gentoo, Standing Together Against Domestic Violence (STADV) and Peabody.  All agencies have a longstanding commitment to tackling domestic abuse, working in partnership, sharing best practice and practising innovation. This includes ensuring housing professionals respond to this issue in a coordinated and consistent way.

The accreditation brings together best practice and examines key elements of service delivery. It is an assessment tool enabling organisations to analyse and assess existing practice and implement an improvement plan. 

Why get involved?

  • Improves staff confidence in identifying and dealing with domestic abuse 
  • Standardises processes so residents get the right response every time 
  • Increases staff skills and their interaction with local initiatives, by adopting industry-standard referral tools
  • Reduces costs to organisations, from domestic abuse-related repairs, turnover of stock and rent arrears
  • Reduces costs to the public purse in relation to domestic abuse via earlier interventions by housing providers

Over five million people live in affordable housing in England and Wales, and the new housing-centred approach has been welcomed by Government.  Abuse happens in the home, so the housing sector is well placed to help stop it.  Housing organisations have a key role in tackling domestic abuse as they and their contractors have unique entry to the ‘hidden’ spaces occupied by perpetrators and individuals experiencing abuse. They are often in residents’ homes and neighbourhoods, and when trained are ideally placed to spot and respond to it.

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