Aspire Community Grant Programme

Our Aspire Grants are easy to apply for - and accessible to anyone living or working with local people in the City of Sunderland. The aim of Aspire is to enable local people to improve their community and the grants are used to support a range of different activities that complement the work we do.

To qualify for a grant you must show how your project or activity meets one or more of the following objectives:

  • Providing opportunities to empower individuals to fulfill their aspirations
  • Increasing motivation, confidence, skills, knowledge and helping people to make informed choices about their lives
  • Offering support so that people can live independent lives
  • Helping to improve relationships within and between communities
  • Creating ways for people to participate in making decisions about their community.

Some of the groups and organisations that have already benefitted from Aspire include:

  • Art, music and drama clubs
  • Children’s and young people’s clubs
  • Older people’s clubs
  • Parent and toddler play groups
  • Resident and community associations
  • Local football clubs

As with all grant applications, terms and conditions do apply and you will receive a copy of these if your grant is successful. Applications are welcome throughout the year, but are limited to one grant per organisation per financial year.