Wise Steps

Wise Steps: Helping you put your best foot forward

Wise Steps helps people in Tyne and Wear to transform their lives with funding from the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund. The project provides one-to-one specialist support to help people take positive steps towards work. Wise Steps is a partnership of local organisations led by the Wise Group which aims to improve wellbeing and life chances.

What Wise Steps can do for you

Wise Steps is a support programme where Job Coaches will meet with you on a regular basis to work together to overcome particular barriers. Their role is to support you and to signpost you to relevant agencies to receive the highest quality support. We have a number of partner agencies across Tyne and Wear who are specialised in supporting you with any issues you may be experiencing, including Sunderland Counselling Service and Citizens Advice Bureau.

Wise Steps can help you into employment and we tailor all of our support to your individual needs. We fully believe that by doing this we can provide you with the positivity and self-worth needed to achieve your goals.

How can our Job Coaches support you?

Job Coaches will work to support you to overcome barriers you might be facing, whether that be low confidence, lack of qualifications or experience or money problems. Our Job Coaches will help you to move one step closer to employment or training. 

Where can I access the Wise Steps programme?

The Wise Steps programme is available in Sunderland, Washington and Houghton-Le-Spring and you can meet in a local office, or a community centre or even your own home. 

Is Wise Steps for you?

Wise Steps customers must be:

  • Aged 18 and over
  • Legally resident in the UK.
  • Able to take paid employment in the European Union
  • Unemployed or economically inactive (e.g. not in work, not available for work or not seeking work)
  • Experiencing multiple barriers towards getting a job

Hints and tips to help you get into work

Get in touch

Get in touch

For further information, please contact:

Katie Price (Job Coach)

T: 0191 525 5200

M: 07436583325

E: Katie.Price@gentoogroup.com

Andrew Richardson (Job Coach):

T: 0191 525 5038

M: 07921234829

E: A.Richardson@gentoogroup.com