Celebrate World Book Day

World Book Day 2022 is tomorrow, Thursday 3 March. It’s a great way to promote book reading to children and young people. If your child wants to dress up this year and you’re yet to arrange a costume, don’t worry! We’ve pulled together some ideas for last minute creations, using everyday items you’ll find around your home.

Mary Poppins
To transform into this magical Nanny, you’ll need a white shirt, a long black skirt, a black hat with flowers, tights, black boots, and a red bow tie. Most of these items can come from your child’s school uniform.

Hetty Feather
Jaqueline Wilson’s classic and curious character, Hetty Feather, can easily be recreated at home by dressing your child in a brown dress, white apron and a white shower cap or hat.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
If you’re feeling creative, have a go at creating a costume inspired by Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Attach several green paper plates or card cut into circles together with string to create the body. Then to recreate the caterpillar’s head using draw a face onto the red card and make a headband.

Sophie from the ‘Tiger who came for tea’
Dress your child up as Sophie whose teatime was interrupted when a tiger came for tea. All you need to dress up as Sophie is a purple dress, blue top, patterned tights, black shoes, and a tiger cuddly toy.

Little Miss Sunshine
To recreate this Little Miss Sunshine look inspired by the Little Miss collection by Roger Hargreaves you’ll need a yellow outfit, yellow shoes, and red hair ties with red bows for plaits. Then finish this look with some freckles.

Mr Bean
Why not recreate the character Mr Bean who is famous around the world for his funny behaviour. To dress up as Mr Bean, you’ll need grey or black school trousers, a blazer, a white shirt, and a red tie. Don't forget the teddy! 

Scooby Doo characters
Be a part of the Mystery Inc gang.
To dress up as Daphne, you’ll need a purple dress, purple headband, and a green scarf.
To dress up as Scooby’s best friend Shaggy, you’ll need a green top and a pair of brown trousers.
To dress up as Velma, you’ll need an orange dress or skirt and top, long socks and black glasses.
To dress up as Fred, you’ll need a long-sleeved white top, jeans, or blue trousers and an orange neck scarf.

Pippi Longstocking
The character Pippi Longstocking was created by Astrid Lindgren for her daughter who actually invented the character’s name. The outfit can be created using a blue dress or dungarees, a red t-shirt or red fabric glued on like patches, striped tights, and hair in plaits to finish the look.

Billionaire Boy
To dress your child as the Billionaire Boy, all you’ll need is grey trousers, a white top and a wallet full of fake money, which can be made from paper.