Listening – Tenants Voice

We are seeking to be proactive in how we listen, learn and put right issues for our tenants. As part of this, we have created a new team that is dedicated to working with tenants. We would like to introduce to you, our Tenant Voice Team:

  • Catherine Loftus, Head of Tenant Voice
  • Emma Peat, Tenant Voice Lead
  • Jo-anne Parkinson, Tenant Voice Lead
  • Kim Burnikell, Tenant Voice Partner
  • Lewis Walmsley, Tenant Voice Partner
  • Lorri Haig, Tenant Voice Partner
  • Michael Barker, Tenant Voice Partner
  • Stacey Thwaites, Communications Business Partner

The team has been put in place to deal directly with any complaints, work with our tenant groups and liaise with community and voluntary organisations.

If you have any issues, complaints, general feedback, or you feel we have not met our service standards, please contact the team by emailing

We are honest in acknowledging there are times when we fail to do our job properly.

We want to hear about these situations so that we can put them right for tenants. No excuses.

What we cannot do today is change or fix issues from the distant past. We are here today to get things right, to listen to tenants and to work with tenants.

We have seen the many historic and critical comments about our service on social media.  We do not ignore these – any current tenant we can contact, we do, and seek to find a resolution to their issue. 

We will also tackle inaccurate and abusive comments about our colleagues or services. 

Gentoo has a 20-year history Sunderland and is responsible for almost 30,000 properties, investing £75 million a year to modernise, maintain and repair them. 

Our 1,000 dedicated colleagues work every day to deliver services to our tenants and want to do their best to get it right.  We carry out around 170,000 repairs visits every year to tenants’ homes and handle more than 296,000 phone calls from tenants, which we seek to answer as soon as we can. 

If you want to help us review, improve or change our services and make your voice heard. Please come and work with us. The Tenant Voice Team will be happy to talk to you about it. 

We are listening!