Telephony changes

From Monday 3 February 2020 we are changing our telephone system to provide a wider range of options for tenants. This is will help us direct calls more accurately and should help to reduce waiting times.

When calling us, please listen carefully to the options available to you so that you can make the correct choice.

Press 1 - to make a payment

Press 2 - to speak to our dedicated Repairs Team to report a repair or discuss an existing repair

Press 3 - to speak to our Allocations Team if you need help finding a home to rent or using Homehunt 

Press 4 - to speak to someone from your area office if you’re calling about your rent, or a general housing enquiry

Press 5 - to speak to a member of our Residential Management Team if you’re a Leaseholder, or market rent a property from Gentoo

Press 6 - if you’re calling to speak to a member of staff from Gentoo Homes

Press 7 - if you’re calling to speak to a member of staff, or team, based in Emperor House, our Head Office

Press * if you would like to hear this menu again