Sunderland families warned for breaking coronavirus rules

Eight Wearside families have received warnings for breaking strict coronavirus lockdown rules thanks to a partnership between ourselves and Northumbria Police.

As the biggest landlord in Sunderland we have served pre-notices to tenants across the city after they had been found flouting new coronavirus laws.

Identified cases of tenants breaching the lockdown restrictions include hosting house and garden parties, incidents of street violence and having regular visitors to and from properties.

Our Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers are investigating all reports of tenants breaking social distancing guidelines, with intelligence coming both directly to Northumbria Police and to our Neighbourhood Coordinators.

Last week, working closely with the police we investigated 24 households to help deter any further breaches.

We take all Community Safety related matters seriously and are remaining vigilant in enforcing tenancy breaches that put other residents at risk.

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive Office for Gentoo Group said:

“We take our responsibility as a landlord extremely seriously and our work with Northumbria Police means we have been able to help tackle suspected lockdown breaches across Sunderland and emphasise the importance of abiding by government guidelines.

“The majority of our tenants have shown true resilience in staying home and following social distancing, helping to protect themselves and others and our teams are working hard to ensure anyone who is breaching the lockdown is directly challenged.”

Chief Superintendent Sarah Pitt, Southern Area Commander at Northumbria Police, said:

“I would like to thank the overwhelming majority of people who are adhering to the restrictions which are in place to ultimately save lives.

“From the outset, we have been clear that we will engage with members of the public to explain the restrictions and encourage people to follow them.

“We resolve issues every single day by talking to people and reasoning with them and we will continue with this approach.

“However, if it becomes the case that people are putting others at risk, where appropriate we will make use of whatever legislation available to us to stop this from happening.”

If you suspect someone is breaking the lockdown legislation, you can report it directly to Northumbria Police here: