Roker and Monkwearmouth towers - Core 364

Roker and Monkwearmouth Towers - ground source heat pump heating system

In 2019 we launched the Core 364 project, which involved removing the gas supply from seven tower blocks in Roker and Monkwearmouth and replacing it with a open loop ground source heat pump (GSHP) system. The safety of our tenants and buildings is our priority and removing the gas from these tower blocks makes the towers a safer place to live. 

The GSHP system works differently to a conventional gas combi bolier. Heat is sourced from the ground outside the tower block and electric pumps deliver the right amount of heat and hot water into the home. 

The heat pump system is designed to work most effectively when it is set at 21°C through the day and turned down to 16°C during the night. We do not recommend switching the heating off. To help maintain the temperature in the home, we recommend using the pre-set profile, 'heat pump' for both heating and hot water. You can find a short video and user guide below that shows how to programme your Switchee device.  

Reporting a repair

If you are having problems with your Swtichee control and thermostat, please call the Switchee customer helpline on 0800 133 7957.

If you are having trouble with your heating and/or hot water, please contact Gentoo to report the repair, by either: 

- Logging on to My Gentoo and clicking on 'My Repairs'

- Calling your local office and pressing 2 to report a repair


How to programme your heating