Repair Responsibilities

Repair Responsibilities

The information below details who is responsible for the repairs in your home, whether that be you or Gentoo Group. 

Description  Gentoo You Exceptions/Comments 
Ensuring your home is secure, structurally sound and weather tight. Yes    
Repairs to shared/communal areas. Yes    
Improvements carried out by previous tenants that you ahve accepted as fixtures and fittings, or items that have been 'gifted' to you   Yes  

The decoration and cleanliness of your home (including the cleaning of windows and the supply and fitting of floor coverings).

Looking after your garden and keeping it neat and tidy.   Yes  
Description Gentoo You Exceptions/Comments 
Carry out an annual gas safety check in your property Yes   This is a legal requirement and failure to do so will result in Gentoo taking legal action against your tenancy.
Allowing access for periodical testing of a gas supply e.g gas meter   Yes  

The servicing of any gas cooking appliances not owned by Gentoo to make sure they are maintained in a safe working condition.

Any person carrying out work in relation to any gas appliances or gas fittings MUST be Gas Safe registered.

  Yes This must be completed by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.
No heating or hot water. Please note, if you are part of a district heating or biomas heating system, refer to the Gentoo website or your local area office for guidance.  Yes  

Gentoo will ask you to take reasonable steps to ensure the repair is not a service user issue. For example, resetting the boiler/pressure.

A boiler manual and a handy hints and tips video is available on the Gentoo website.

You must ensure you have sufficient credit if you have a prepayment meter.

Chimney sweeping (solid fuel appliances). Yes    
The gas bayonet fitting on gas appliances.   Yes This must be fitted by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.
The removal and replacement of radiators whilst decorating.   Yes  
The clearing of small blockages from basins, sinks, baths and toilets.   Yes Gentoo will only attend to a blockage if you have taken the necessary steps to try and clear the blockage (using a plunger) and it cannot be dislodged. It is your responsibility to keep waste free from solids and materials other than water. 
The replacement of plugs and chains to baths, basins and sinks.   Yes  
The fitting of pipe work for washing machines and dishwashers and vents for tumble driers.   Yes This must be carried out by a qualified tradesperson.
The replacement of toilet seats.   Yes  
The bleeding of radiators.   Yes  
Shower curtains.    Yes  
Smart meters.   Yes If you wish to have a Smart Meter installed this is the responsibility of your energy supplier. You will need to get permission from Gentoo before they go ahead.
New installations of pipe work for cookers.    Yes You must seek permission from Gentoo before any work of this nature is undertaken. The work must also be carried out by a suitably qualified tradesperson. 


Description Gentoo You Exceptions/Comments 
Carry out an electrical safety test. Yes   This is a legal requirement and failure to do so will result in legal action against your tenancy.
The supply and repair of aerials, satellite dishes and telephones.    Yes Gentoo is responsible for the installation and repair in communal areas.
Replace light bulbs in encased fittings e.g. in bathrooms and certain kitchen fittings or outside fittings where they require mechanical intervention for access e.g. security lights.  Yes    
Replacing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Gentoo do not replace light bulbs on standard fittings which are readily accessible such as pendants and battens.    Yes Gentoo will maintain security lights in communal areas. 
Description Gentoo You Exception/Comments 
The plastering of small cracks, small holes and shrinkage (new builds) on the internal walls/ceilings of the property.   Yes Gentoo will only plaster patch your walls and ceilings. The skimming of walls or ceilings is classed as decoration unless it is relating to a structural defect.
Tile grouting   Yes Gentoo will consider grouting your tiles if needed due to general wear and tear. However, we will not grout tiles due to issues resulting from mold and mildew.


Description Gentoo You Exceptions/Comments 
The replacement of lost keys, fobs
or locks when you are locked
outside of your house.
  Yes If the door lock is faulty, Gentoo
will repair it.
The provision of additional keys to
the property
Repair or replace doors damaged
due to reasonable wear and tear.
General repairs to your kitchen due
to reasonable wear and tear.
Adjustment needed to doors if you
have fitted new carpets in the
Minor adjustments to kitchen
cupboards and doors.
  Yes You will be responsible for minor
repairs such as tightening
screws, cupboard door handles
and hinges.
Altering kitchen units for appliances
such as cookers and fridge/freezers.
  Yes Please remember to measure the
available space in your property
before installing or purchasing
appliances. Any alteration would
need prior written approval from
your local area office.
Repairs to existing fencing, bolts
and catches.
Yes   Fencing in communal areas is
prohibited. Gentoo will not be
responsible for extra security
measures to fencing.
Description Gentoo You Exceptions/Comments 
Provision of advice on how to
manage condensation, including
use of a hydrometer.
Yes   Advice on the prevention and
control of condensation can be
found on our website.
Please note, it is the customers
responsibly to take the necessary
steps to prevent and manage
condensation in the home.
Dealing with any pests (e.g. rats,
mice, ants and wasps nests).
  Yes Sunderland City Council will
charge for this service.
Repairing and maintaining any
fixture, fitting or appliance you or a
previous tenant have installed
unless we have an agreement to
maintain it for you.
Clothes posts, washing line and
rotary dryers.
Door bells/door knockers/door
numbers/door stoppers,
  Yes If your door bell is hardwired on
in a sheltered scheme, Gentoo
will repair these.
Garden sheds.   Yes  
Description Gentoo You Exceptions/Comments
Provision of gully grids and external drain covers. Yes    
Keeping gully grids clear of leaves and rubbish.   Yes