My Gentoo

Have you registered for My Gentoo yet?

My Gentoo is your 24/7 self-serve portal and gives you access to a range of services. The system can be accessed any time of the day from any device that is connected to the internet.

The portal aims to make managing your tenancy as easy and as hassle free as possible.

Signing up for your account is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Take a look at the video below which explains the sign-up process and what information you will need.

Once registered you will be able to:

  • Report repairs online
  • Make a payment and view your rent and garage account
  • Update your personal information
  • View your repairs history
  • Send us a direct message about your repair/ tenancy

Having this information at your fingertips saves you time and effort as you can access all of the above information from home.

This online accessibility also saves you from having to visit one of our public offices or ringing up during peak times, meaning you can report / resolve your issue as soon as possible.

This is especially important when using My repairs, a service which sits within the My Gentoo portal. Here, you can book your repair at a time that suits you or amend/ cancel if needs be without speaking to a member of the team.

Take advantage of these services and register for your account here:

My Gentoo only contains information about your current tenancy. If you wish to apply for a Gentoo property, you can do so via Homehunt: