Former tenant arrears

Former Tenant Arrears

If your Gentoo tenancy has come to an end and you owe rent arrears or any other property-related charges, please contact us immediately. We really do want to help.

That’s because we understand that if you are facing financial difficulties or owing money from a former tenancy this may prevent you from being re-housed with Gentoo in the future. And it pays to remember that older debts could be reinstated if you apply for housing with us.

If you fail to contact us or pay your outstanding debt, then we may reluctantly have to commence legal action, which could result in the following:

  • County Court Judgment being entered against you which would make it difficult for you to obtain credit
  • Court costs being added to your account
  • a County Court bailiff visiting your property and taking possession of your belongings which would be sold to help pay off your debt
  • the County Court instructing your employer to make deductions direct from your salary
  • the obtaining of a charging order which would stop you from selling your property without first paying the debt
  • the case being referred to a debt collection agency
  • a tracing agency being used to confirm where you live should you fail to leave a forwarding address.

Have you got rent arrears?

Ignoring the matter will only make things worse in the long run. So if you are experiencing difficulties in paying outstanding debts, please contact us as we may be able to help.