Controlling condensation

How do I control condensation in my home?

Condensation which occurs in your home is caused by warm vapour-laden air meeting a cold surface. When the air cools it cannot retail the moisture and some of it condenses on these cold surfaces, such as windows, mirrors and tiled walls.

The following rules can be used to minimise condensation: 

  • Keep all rooms warm and ventilated
  • Keep the internal kitchen door closed and window open when cooking
  • Keep the bathroom door closed and the window ajar when bathing or showering. Alternatively open the window immediately afterwards
  • If installed use an electric extractor fan when cooking, washing or bathing, particularly when windows show signs of misting. Keep windows and doors closed when the fan is in operation. Leave the fan on until the mist has cleared. This is especially important where extractor fans have been installed so as to counteract prevailing airflows within dwelling.