Chargeable repairs

Chargeable repairs

Whilst most of our customers take great pride in their homes,  there are occasions when we are asked to carry out repairs that have been caused either deliberately or through lack of care. Responsible customers should not have to pay for the cost of these repairs through the rent they pay. Our Chargeable Repairs Policy means the vast majority of customers who look after their homes are not penalised by paying an inflated rent that includes the cost of other customers’ chargeable repairs.

Customers will be charged for any damage to their home which has not been caused by fair wear and tear, but where it has occurred through wilful neglect, misuse, malicious damage, lack of care, or repetitive damage by the customer. This will also include if other household members or legitimate visitors to the property have caused the damage and applies where the customer has not taken reasonable steps to prevent the damage being caused.

We will also charge for certain repair items which fall outside our responsibility as a landlord. In addition, we will charge customers who misuse the Out of Hours Emergency Repairs Service or leave refuse, furniture or personal belongings in our properties when they leave.


Our Chargeable Repairs Policy will ensure that customers will be treated as individuals and with fairness and respect.