Service improvements

Service improvements as a result of customer feedback

We listen to your feedback and use complaints, satisfaction surveys, compliments, etc to identify improvements we can make to our service. Please see below some examples of these ‘you said, we dids’:

  • Customers complained that they were unhappy with the diagnosis of mould growth being attributed to condensation. In response to this, we have introduced a dedicated Condensation and Preservation Team who are fully trained to explain the causes of condensation and what can be done to treat /prevent it. Leaflets are available to provide more information and advice for customers. They also have a supply of hygrometers, an instrument which helps customers measure the amount of humidity and water vapour in the atmosphere.
  • Feedback from customers indicated their dissatisfaction around the length of time taken to repair their boiler during severe weather conditions. As a result we have re-profiled our gas servicing programme to increase gas servicing during the summer months, which leaves more Gas Engineers to attend to emergency repairs during winter months.
  • Feedback from customers around Asset Management (how we invest in our properties) related to our approach of replacing single glazed windows. As a result Group Board has agreed an acceleration of our replacement windows programme.
  • A number of complaints related to dissatisfied with the perceived lack of action with neighbour disputes. We continue to update our Neighbourhood Safety Policy Toolkit and deliver refresher training to staff to ensure they utilise all methods available to effectively resolve neighbour disputes.