Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk assessment

Covid-19 Health and safety risk assessment summary

The health and safety of our colleagues and tenants is our main priority during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

We’ve carried out a risk assessment so we can understand how our work could result in the spread of Covid-19 or pose an increased risk to specific groups of people.  We’ve used this to put measures in place to help us to work safely in our tenants properties, on our estates and in offices and depots.  We’ve also made adjustments to the ways we work, such as enabling people to work from home and ensuring our workplaces are Covid secure.

We’ve produced this helpful guide to let people know how we’re keeping our tenants and colleagues safe.

  • We’re taking the necessary steps to protect our colleagues who may be more vulnerable, and also those who need to self-isolate.
  • We’ve enabled colleagues to work from home to reduce the numbers of people in our offices and depots.
  • We’ve reconfigured our offices and depots to enable our colleagues to maintain at least two metres of social distancing.
  • We’re reducing travel between our offices and depots and enabling colleagues to hold virtual meetings and conference calls.
  • Most of our colleagues can travel alone in their vehicles, but where they can’t then we’re helping them to travel safely in line with the Government’s guidance.
  • We’re providing cleaning stations throughout our offices and depots, and providing our colleagues working across the city with products they need so we can all keep good hygiene throughout the working day.
  • We’re adopting a sensible approach to using PPE so that our colleagues and tenants are protected without us being irresponsible with critical supplies needed more urgently by others.
  • We’ve devised safe ways of working for all our colleagues who visit our tenants, work on our estates and work in our sheltered and extra care schemes.
  • We’ve nominated colleagues in our offices and depots to be “Covid-19” Champions and to help us keep our colleagues and tenants safe by checking that our measures are working.
  • We’ve followed Government guidance in ensuring face coverings are worn where necessary.
  • We regularly apply a virucide treatment to all of our offices, depots, tower blocks, sheltered and extra-care schemes to help control the spread of Covid-19.
  • We’ve introduced strict cleaning and disinfection protocols including additional measures when colleagues report symptoms of Covid-19 or are confirmed as a positive case.
  • We’re regularly reviewing our plans and measures to make sure we keep up to date with changes in Government guidance.