Social Value

Social Value

To ensure that Gentoo’s programmes have the impact we desire, Gentoo adopts a range of approaches to measure the social value of our services to customers. This being on the basis that success cannot be judged simply by profit and loss.

We have been developing and evolving our approach to measuring social impact since 2009, applying a range of approaches, including Social Accounting and Auditing and Social Return on Investment (SROI). To date Gentoo has produced three sets of Social Accounts and completed five SROI studies with an estimated social value for services ranging from £3.91 to £49.70 for every £1 that we invest in those services. 

Our approach has enabled us to create a framework for ongoing monitoring, evaluation and accountability to stakeholders, which helps Gentoo to understand its performance against social, environmental and economic objectives.

Here's our Social Impact Statement for 2014/15.

In March 2015 Gentoo was recognised by the National Housing Federation for its approach when we won the Housing Association National Accountancy Award (HANAA) for the ‘measurement of social return on investment’ category. Judges said of the submission “A difficult and evolving area. This entry has come out with clarity and thoroughness. A comprehensive approach with a clear methodology, there is a real authenticity to the submission.”

We also believe that delivering our services in the community brings benefits to Gentoo as a business. To evidence this we’re currently involved in a project with HACT (Housing Association’s Charitable Trust) and a range of other housing providers, to scientifically show a tangible link between the services we deliver, the outcomes that are achieved and the impact on Gentoo’s performance and costs.