Investing in our homes

Gentoo’s commitment to continually invest in customers’ homes

Gentoo Board has committed to continuously investing in its’ homes to ensure its’ customers are safe and happy.

During 2017/18 the Group saw an increase in customer feedback about the poor performance of single glazed windows. Gentoo listened to its’ customers and it will be accelerating its’ replacement windows programme over the next four years. 

Gentoo is dedicated to investing heavily in external wall works, roofing, kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors. Gentoo also plans to improve the condition of lifts, communal doors and flat doors in its’ low to high rise blocks and sheltered accommodation. 

Over the next four years Gentoo aims to carry out the following work* -


  • Fit 820 'A’ rated boilers
  • Replace 598 roofs
  • Carry out 528 external wall repairs
  • Fit 1,015 properties with double glazing
  • Complete 108 internal modernisations


  • Fit 699 'A’ rated boilers
  • Replace 577 roofs
  • Carry out 698 external wall repairs
  • Fit 949 properties with double glazing
  • Complete 167 internal modernisations


  • Fit 2,898 'A’ rated boilers
  • Replace 779 roofs
  • Carry out 196 external wall repairs
  • Fit 888 properties with double glazing
  • Complete 22 internal modernisations


  • Fit 141 'A’ rated boilers
  • Replace 35 roofs
  • Carry out 322 external wall repairs
  • Fit 789 properties with double glazing
  • Complete 79 internal modernisations




Houghton and Hetton

  • Fit 1,116 'A’ rated boilers
  • Replace 938 roofs
  • Carry out 812 external wall repairs
  • Fit 1,295 properties with double glazing
  • Complete 67 internal modernisations

*please note that this outline plan may be subject to change dependent upon the changing needs of the business.