Asset Management System Policy Statement

Asset Management System Policy Statement

Gentoo Group strives to constantly develop a range of innovative property solutions, generate opportunities for people, work productively with partners, use our capacity and skills to maximise our impact and to use our unique approach to improve the offering we make to people and communities alike. We recognise that the management of our assets is central to our business and we are dedicated to operating in a manner that achieves these goals. Our aim is to fully discharge our obligations in relation to the Regulatory requirement for a risk based approach with a very strong focus on protecting our social housing assets.  

Our Management System applies to the asset management of all of the Group’s rented housing stock, rent to buy, leasehold housing and related assets e.g. garages, estates’ open spaces and paths etc. and includes the activities of stock condition monitoring, planned and preventative maintenance, modernisation and renovation schemes, void repair management, periodic servicing and responsive maintenance. In conjunction with the Asset Management Strategy (AMS) and the Asset Management Delivery Plan (AMDP), the Asset Management System provides a framework for setting asset management objectives, stock data and investment, active asset management, investment planning, working together to maximise return, investment delivery and affordable homes.

These operations will at all times, be managed in a way that minimises risk to our customers, the environment, all employees, visitors and contractors and will be undertaken in a controlled manner.

We believe in demonstrating our commitment to continual improvement through the implementation of our Asset Management Systems, compliant with the requirements of BS ISO 55001: 2014.

This policy:

  • Is appropriate and suits the purpose of the Group
  • Provides a structured framework for setting asset management objectives
  • Ensures our commitment to comply with applicable requirements
  • Ensures we have a process for the continual improvement of the asset management system
  • Is consistent with the organizational plan
  • Is consistent with the Group’s other relevant policies
  • Is appropriate to the nature and size of the Group’s assets and operations
  • Is available to appropriate stakeholders
  • Ensures we comply with legislative and the Regulator of Social Housing Standards.
  • Commits us to work in partnership with our contractors and suppliers to influence and/or improve performance
  • Implements systems to review and monitor performance, liaising with outside bodies where relevant, in order to achieve or exceed annually set objectives and targets which will ensure continual improvement.
  • Ensures we undertake methods of improving efficiency in the use of human resources, raw materials, energy and ways of working.
  • Ensures we make adequate provision for dealing with all emergency situations in our business.
  • Ensures the availability of quality stock information to permit Boards and Executives make fully informed investment decisions
  • Commits us to training for our staff to ensure they remain qualified and competent whilst encouraging them to apply good practice at all times.
  • Ensures that stock condition data and associated issues are discussed regularly at the highest levels of the Group and consultation with our staff takes place on all related matters.
  • Establishes the criteria against which investment will be made and evaluated

This policy will be displayed on notice boards, on the company intranet and is also publicly available on the website. It will be reviewed on a regular basis. This policy has been endorsed and approved by:

Nigel Wilson                                                                                                              

Chief Executive Officer

Gentoo Group

January 2019