Join Bob and the team as a Gas Service Engineer at Gentoo

Join Bob and the team as a Gas Service Engineer at Gentoo

Bob Cooperwaite, from Sunderland, is one of our leading Gas Service Engineers at Gentoo. After serving in the British Armed Forces for 24 years, Bob made a life changing decision to switch careers and re-trained as a gas engineer.

“After spending so long serving in the Army, yes it was a little daunting to change careers so drastically, but I’m so glad I did and I’ve never looked back”, Bob said.

“It’s quite common for ex-forces personnel like myself, to train on the gas – simply because it’s a very stable, reliable and well paid line of work for a family man like me”, he added.

Bob went on to explain the benefits of working at Gentoo, “It’s fair to say that I landed on my feet with finding a role at Gentoo – it’s such a great company to work for, with a lot of perks and benefits.”

“For example, for someone like me who has been really careful in terms of planning for later life, the Local Government Pension Scheme is absolutely second to none.”

“Then there’s the flexible working pattern, which is great for people with families and kids, or even when you just need an hour or two off work to go somewhere like the dentist. You can accrue any time you work over and above your weekly 36 hour target, which you’re then able to use to take ‘flexi days’ off work. This is in addition to the generous 29 days annual leave, plus bank holidays, you’re already entitled to as part of your package”.

“The social side of working at Gentoo is really what makes it a special company to work for. I work with great people and there’s just such a great culture here. The summer fun day for all of the family is a particular highlight of the year for all of the lads.”

“Not to mention the fact that we’re backed by a brilliant team that is always there to support you and provide you with guidance and advice on a day to day basis. I always feel like I’ve got everything I need to carry out my job.”

“There’s not many employers around where you’d get so many benefits. It really is a fantastic place to work.”

If you’re interested in joining the Gas Servicing Team at Gentoo, we’re currently recruiting to a small number of roles.

For information about the vacancies, click here.