Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

PRODUCT TERMS – Financial   

Correct as at 2nd March 2016 


Annual Increase Rate

The rate at which the monthly payments increase on an annual basis.


Change of Parties Fee 
(Remove a Party Only)

A non refundable fee for processing and underwriting an application to remove a party from the Home Purchase Plan Agreement and preparing the revised Home Purchase Plan Documents.


Arrears Charges

The amount of charges applicable for unpaid or late monthly payments under the Home Purchase Plan Agreement.


Default Rate

The rate at which interest shall accrue daily on any amounts not paid when due under the Home Purchase Plan Agreement.



Please click PDF download to review the General Product Terms for the Home Purchase Plan Agreement.

The schedule forms part of the Home Purchase Plan legal documents that customers signed prior to completion.  The General Product Terms set out matters relating to confidentiality, data protection, sharing information with other product providers and complaint procedures.

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