Here's all you need to know about finding your home with HomeHunt.


HomeHunt is a national website for affordable and social housing. It's really easy to use, accessible and user-friendly. 

HomeHunt allows you to search and apply for social and affordable housing in your area. Gentoo, along with other landlords, will be advertising properties using this online system, once fully live on 8 September 2017.  The advertising cycle will run from 2pm Friday to 12 noon the following Friday.

Current CBL users 

As you are currently registered with our Choice Based Lettings system and still wish to be considered for a home with Gentoo, you will need to re-register with HomeHunt. 

This is not a new application, you are simply logging into HomeHunt using your existing username (CBL number) and password. You will need to provide us with some additional information to help us assess your needs. To make the process easier, some sections have been populated with information from your existing housing application. Please do not create a new account.

Please find the unique link to re-register with HomeHunt below.

You can also view a step by step guide to help with your re-registration, along with other information which may help you during this process, on this page. 

New applications

From Friday 11 August 2017 any new customers will need to register with HomeHunt and complete a Gentoo application form.

This simple process will take approximately 20 minutes.

However, you won’t be able to search or bid for a new home until the new system is live.

How to re-register

If you wish to stay on the housing register and retain your current date of registration you must re-register via HomeHunt within 6 months, or your date of registration will be lost. The re-registration process will take approximately 20 minutes. To re-register you must use this unique link. Do not create a new account - Simply login using your existing username (CBL number) and password.  

Please remember

When the new system is launched on 8 September 2017, you will only be able to bid for homes with Gentoo using HomeHunt. Once you have re-registered, please update your details if your circumstances change. In the meantime, please continue to bid for homes using Choice Based Lettings.

Frequently asked questions

As a charitable community benefit society, we need to ensure we prioritise those who have a housing need and disabled and chronically sick people who need rehousing. This means we need you to provide us with some additional information to help us assess your needs

If you don’t re-register with HomeHunt you won’t be able to find a home with Gentoo. When our current Choice Based Lettings system closes you will only be able to bid for a home using HomeHunt.

To change your password online you must have an email address. To change your password simply click on the `Forgot your password?’ link when you login and follow the instructions. If you don’t have an email address you can reset your password using the online form or by contacting Gentoo.

HomeHunt is a national website that allows you to search and apply for social and affordable housing in your area. Gentoo, along with other landlords, advertise properties using this online system. Once live, Gentoo properties will be advertised via the HomeHunt system.

The advertising cycle will run from 2pm Friday to 12 noon the following Friday.

Following the assessment of your housing application you will be placed into one of four priority bands depending on your level of need.

Band 1+ - This is for those applicants living in a Gentoo renewal area

Band 1 - This is for applicants who have an immediate need to move and are in statutory or urgent housing need

Band 2 - This is for applicants who have a priority housing need

Band 3 - This is for general housing needs and is open to all applicants (including out of City applicants)

Once you have completed the new online application form you will automatically be placed into Band 3 whilst we assess your application. Upon completion of this assessment, we will confirm your banding to you in writing. You will also be able to view this information by logging into your HomeHunt account.

All applications are individually assessed based on the information supplied; this ensures we are fair, flexible and transparent. Every customer has the right to request a review of their banding decision if they disagree.

If you wish to retain your current date of registration you must re-register within six months of receiving your re-registration letter. If you fail to do so you will lose your original date of registration.

No. At present customers with Excellent Customer Status are given priority for offers of re-housing under the Choice Based Lettings system. Under HomeHunt customers will now be assessed at the point an offer is being made, rather than at the start of the application process. It will simply be an assessment to ensure the customer is adhering to the terms of their tenancy agreement. Everyone who wishes to move into a Gentoo home will need to adhere to this criteria and this will be checked prior to an offer of a property being made. Moving forward no priority will be awarded and anyone failing the standard may not be offered a property.


There are circumstances where we will ask for evidence to place you in the correct band. For example, before accepting a medical priority we will require a specialist medical assessment to be carried out.

We will carry out a number of checks prior to offering you a property with Gentoo. These will include housing history, affordability, eligibility, landlord/mortgage company and police checks (where applicable).

Some of our homes do have age limits, such as bungalows and multi-storey flats. Other properties have significant adaptations already in place, which would be better utilised by people in need of those adaptations. We will, therefore, take this into consideration (where applicable) when allocating our properties.

You can make a maximum of five bids per week.

Once you are registered you don’t have to do anything else. Please continue to bid for properties using our Choice Based Lettings System. You will be notified when you can start bidding for homes via the new HomeHunt system.

  • If you don’t have a computer or access to the internet support is available in our local offices
  • If you have any banding or landlord specific questions please call your local office or use the contact  form at the bottom of this page
  • If you are unable to complete an online application we can offer one-to-one support
  • If you have any questions about completing the form, email them to applicants@homehunt.co.uk

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