Keeping you safe

Keeping you safe

As a social landlord we take anti-social behaviour (ASB) very seriously indeed, and see it as our duty to tackle it in all its forms.

We have specialist staff who are experts in dealing with anti-social behaviour (ASB) and domestic abuse, offering appropriate support to both victims and perpetrators (the person responsible).

To help you feel safe and secure, we will:

  • Respond to all complaints of ASB or domestic abuse within 24 working hours.
  • Provide a tailored victim support service to those customers who are experiencing ASB or domestic abuse.
  • Provide a tailored positive engagement service for perpetrators (offenders) of ASB in order to address the cause of their behaviour.
  • Make referrals where appropriate to the city’s domestic abuse male perpetrator programme for men who want to change their behaviour.
  • Work in partnership with our customers and any other relevant agencies to prevent, minimise and tackle ASB and domestic abuse.
  • Work together with customers and other agencies to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults in line with our safeguarding policies.
  • Work together with other agencies to develop early intervention activities for children and young people.
  • Offer a mediation service to help resolve your neighbour disputes.
  • Continue to engage with you to improve the service.
  • Develop, monitor and promote clear service standards for effective community safety.

Types of Anti-Social Behaviour

There are many different types and levels of anti-social behaviour (ASB), these include:

  • criminal activities such as drug dealing
  • physical assault
  • threats of violence
  • stalking a person
  • criminal damage (including to property we own)
  • violent and threatening situations
  • racial harassment
  • alcohol and solvent abuse
  • domestic abuse
  • serious disagreements between neighbours
  • young people causing a nuisance
  • neighbour nuisance.

What support is available?

We provide support if you are at risk of losing your tenancy, or to perpetrators of ASB as a result of drug, alcohol and/or mental health issues.

We work in partnership with agencies such as the Police and Wearside Women in Need (WWIN) to support victims of domestic abuse, crime and ASB.

We deliver this in partnership with Sunderland City Council to help resolve ongoing neighbourhood disputes.

If you would like support or access to any of these services contact the Safety and Support Team.

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